Pin Diesel Cartridge


Sativa Dominant Hybrid

My mother was a half-Hawaiian princess and my dad is a heavy-duty mechanic. I know, right? Some hybrid and sativa madness here. Don’t let my ripped physique fool you – I also work the mental gym pretty hard and can talk about anything for hours – I can really get into your head. Fast, but never furious! When it’s go time, baby, I AM ON and it’s magic. Even with all my energy, I tend to help my friends chill out or perk right up, depending on the kind of day they’re having. I don’t know what it is, but people seem to dig it.

Pin Diesel Cartridge

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Relationship status: Very single
Body type: Very athletic
Ethnicity: Not really sure
Profession: Superstar

Second language: Hawaiian
Interests: Extreme sports, fast cars, myself
Favourite food: Pineapple (duh)

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.5g, 1g


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