My close friends

I’ve spent a lot of time getting these products to be supremely faithful expressions of the strains that inspired them.
Our all-natural terpene blends, deliver exceptional entourage effects that come as close to flower as a distillate vape can.

Please say hello to some real characters.

Blu Berri
Blue Dream
Bob’s Widow
Clem Entine
Death Bubba
Jill Ahto
Pin Diesel
Water Melon
Chuck Pen

Blu Berri


Relationship status: It’s complicated
Body type: Chased after
Ethnicity: Really mixed
Profession: Travel writer

Second language: Love
Interests: Sleeping, chilling, tight friendships
Favorite food: Blueberries

​Pretty much a creature of the night, I have a bit of a mixed background as I was conceived during a three-way in the late 70’s. It was Thailand or Afghanistan, no one seems to know for sure. My bet is Afghanistan because I can get pretty mellow. If we hang out, I’m going to tell you right now, don’t plan on accomplishing anything. Seriously. Netflix and chill? Hands off my jam, bitch.

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Blue Dream

(Sativa Dominant Hybrid)

Relationship status: Married. To life!
Body type: Dreamy
Ethnicity: Very mixed
Profession: Nurse

Second language: Multiple
Interests: All of everything – especially art
Favourite food: I can’t choose!

Ready to get with a real breath of fresh air? You will know, from the minute we meet, that I’m the one you’ve been looking for. I love to get up and take on the day, to get out and do stuff, have fun and talk about everything and nothing. Then snuggle in with you. I’m not big on anxiety though, and my personality may be too much for some. Doesn’t mean we can’t be friends!

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Bob’s Widow


Relationship status: Single
Body type: Slim
Ethnicity: Mixed
Profession: Artist

Second language: Dutch
Interests: intense conversation, creativity, craigslist treasure hunts, yoga
Favourite food: Speculaas

Born in Amsterdam, I am young at heart with a bit of a wild streak. For a widow, anyway. The party starts when I get there, that’s for sure. I have a lot of energy and get my groove on without delay, probably becasue my parents are a Brazilian Sativa and a South Indian Indica. Also, I like to talk. Like, A LOT. A born multi-tasker, I am generally a happy person and my friends tend to ditch their stress when we hang out cuz they find me #uplifting.

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Clem Entine

(Sativa Dominant Hybrid)

Relationship status: Open to new experiences
Body type: Average
Ethnicity: Mixed
Profession: Citrus farmer

Second language: Klingon
Interests: Cabinetry, interpretive dance, click-baiting
Favourite food: Anything citrus!

I grew up in the grove. It’s my whole life – there’s nothing I like more than chasing the Lemon Skunk through the Tangie grove just after it rains. So uplifting yet so relaxing. I enjoy a night out but don’t get invited to too many parties as I tend to overpower the room. I can be mellow if that’s your thing. If you like feeling ridiculously happy, I can do that too. If you need to buckle down and get some shit done or figure it out, I’m your guy – I’m an excellent coach, thanks to my Sativa side.

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Death Bubba


Relationship status: Platonic
Body type: Husky
Ethnicity: Mixed
Profession: Movie critic

Second language: Sign language
Interests: Sleeping, eating, cuddles
Favourite food: Spiced rum (that counts as food, right?)

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Both my parents were living in Vancouver, BC when I arrived, making me a Canadian, eh!  My mom was obsessed with Star Wars, and my dad was nicknamed Bubba for how heavy he was, so I guess I know where I get that from.  My name says it all, I hit you like a ton of bricks and have you feeling spacey and out of this world floating on good vibes.  My favourite thing to do is, sleep, so if you are looking for a cuddle buddy, look no further.

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Jill Ahto


Relationship status: Working it out
Body type: I do OK
Ethnicity: Mixed
Profession: Therapist

Second language: Touch
Interests: People, watching the colour of time
Favourite food: Gelato (hello!)

So, my parents met at a farmer’s market. My mom sold thin mint Girl Scout cookies and my dad was a dashing spooner of Sunset Sherbert. I suppose that explains why I’m so social. I’m active but also pretty intense sometimes, so be ready for me if we meet – I put the moves on pretty quick. But don’t worry! I will find your tender spots and work them out.

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Pin Diesel

(Sativa Dominant Hybrid)

Relationship status: Very single
Body type: Very athletic
Ethnicity: Not really sure
Profession: Superstar

Second language: Hawaiian
Interests: Extreme sports, fast cars, myself
Favourite food: Pineapple (duh)

My mother was a half-Hawaiian princess and my dad is a heavy-duty mechanic. I know, right? Some hybrid and sativa madness here. Don’t let my ripped physique fool you – I also work the mental gym pretty hard and can talk about anything for hours – I can really get into your head. Fast, but never furious! When it’s go time, baby, I AM ON and it’s magic. Even with all my energy, I tend to help my friends chill out or perk right up, depending on the kind of day they’re having. I don’t know what it is, but people seem to dig it.

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(Indica Dominant Hybrid)

Relationship status: I prefer no labels
Body type: Sporty
Ethnicity: Mixed
Profession: Award winning photographer

Second language: Slang
Interests: Music, hanging out, chasing rainbows
Favourite food: Skittles (obviously!)

Indica Dominant Hybrid

My dad was a wine maker living Northern California and my mom was a hippy working on a citrus farm. They met at a smoothie joint and well, here I am.  I’m a laidback west coast dude, down for whatever. My motto enjoy life and don’t work too hard.  Sure, I could go clean my house, but I’d rather spend the day on projects or hanging with friends.  My weakness, candy!

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Water Melon

(Indica Dominant Hybrid)

Relationship status: Free agent
Body type: Who cares?
Ethnicity: No idea, I was left on a doorstep
Profession: Body worker

Second language: None. And many.
Interests: Staring at people, beach afternoons, snacks
Favourite food: Grapes

I’m a bit slow to get going, but once I’m there you’re not going to forget me. Like a cat, I creep up slowly and make myself at home on your lap. Next thing you know you’re purring right along with me, letting go of the un-fun parts of your day. My special skill is that I can make other people more interesting. Hit me up and see for yourself.

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Chuck Disposable Pen

Meet Chuck
Get it? Disposable? Chuck? Chuck is a sleek little disposable loaded with your choice of our 9 Nice Bobs flavours.  Smaller than a pen, rechargeable, and a million times more useful thanks to 0.5ml of THC

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