Clem Entine Cartridge


Sativa Dominant Hybrid

I grew up in the grove. It’s my whole life – there’s nothing I like more than chasing the Lemon Skunk through the Tangie grove just after it rains. So uplifting yet so relaxing. I enjoy a night out but don’t get invited to too many parties as I tend to overpower the room. I can be mellow if that’s your thing. If you like feeling ridiculously happy, I can do that too. If you need to buckle down and get some shit done or figure it out, I’m your guy – I’m an excellent coach, thanks to my Sativa side.

Clem Entine Cartridge

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Relationship status: Open to new experiences
Body type: Average
Ethnicity: Mixed
Profession: Citrus farmer

Second language: Klingon
Interests: Cabinetry, interpretive dance, click-baiting
Favourite food: Anything citrus!

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